eDiscovery Software

Now, advanced predictive coding software for eDiscovery is available for small law firms. Predictive coding software (sometimes called computer augmented legal analysis (CALA), computer assisted review (CAR), or technology assisted review(TAR)) uses powerful, machine learning algorithms to help classify electronic documents. Predictive coding may help to reduce legal document review time, increase overall accuracy, and help attorneys to better serve their clients. Welcome to the future of the legal profession. Go to the software ...»

Training & Consulting Services

Shannon Brown offers predictive coding (sometimes called predictive analytics, computer augmented legal analysis, or technology assisted review) training and consulting services for the legal community—law firms, solo attorneys / lawyers, law schools, bar associations, and the judiciary. From CLE programs to on-site training to matter consulting, Prolorem™ is here to help you to become conversant and comfortable with an important, new legal tool. Find out more about eDiscovery training and consulting»

Latest Prolorem™ News

  • InstallerCaptureVersion 1.007 Released Posted on: Jan 17th, 2016

    On January 17, 2016, Shannon Brown released the latest version of the Prolorem™ eDi eDiscovery software for predictive coding. The new release includes performance improvements and a newer Windows installer. The new version also includes probabilities. Now, in addition to predictive…